About Us

Tristar specializes in the machining, fabrication and assembly of products with high-grade metals, such as, Titanium, Hastelloy, Austenitic 300 Series Stainless, 254 SMO, 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel, and Ferralium. We are also certified for ASME “S”, “U” and “R” stamps.

Tristar Industries was founded to serve the market need for a high-quality heavy equipment manufacturer for a variety of industries such as general engineered products, pulp & paper, power generation, marine, cement, mining, oil & gas. Tristar’s objective is to supply high quality, competitively priced industrial parts and machinery in the shortest possible time and to reduce our customer’s downtime to a minimum.

Tristar’s performance on particularly challenging jobs has resulted in full satisfaction and we have acquired a reputation for competence, reliability and resourcefulness. Sales and assets have risen dramatically and Tristar is now serving the North American continent and beyond. Customer satisfaction remains our #1 priority.

We use "Visual Manufacturing"; a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning system which tracks your order by the minute through production.

Tristar's reputation has been built by working closely with plant personnel to identify problems in the operation of various equipment. From this process, innovative design changes have been implemented to eliminate problems and enhance equipment performance.

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Imagination and the courage to try new approaches are traits strongly fostered at Tristar. The team provides an effective mix of knowledge, competence and a progressive attitude. The company has a history of solving difficult machining and fabricating jobs through new designs and manufacturing processes. We welcome challenges as they create in their wake the employees’ feelings of satisfaction with a job well done.

Tristar’s management is very proud of the high level of competence and enthusiasm displayed by all of employees. Cooperation has been a significant factor in the company’s growth and our employees are happy to progress with the team. People at Tristar enjoy their work, the variety, the challenge and the good feeling of being on a winning team.

Tristar has stayed true to its long-term commitment to providing innovative and quality services to its customers. We offer a 24/7, 365 days of the year service. Our progressive thinking has created a diversified machining plant, offering a Single Source Supply for small, medium and large component capabilities. Our end pricing, due to equipment and plant efficiencies, affords the customer a competitive, quick response and turnaround, plus a high quality product.