Standards & Qualifications, Certifications & Awards

Tristar is qualified in many applications for the repair and fabrication of many types of equipment. Tristar works diligently to ensure that all qualifications required for the project are followed, working closely with our Quality Assurance Program.

Here are Tristar’s current certifications and process controls.

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Welding Process

  Gas Metal Arc
    Submerged Arc
    Gas Tungsten Arc
    Plasma Transferred Arc
    Ultra-jet Micro-Flow, Flame Spray Build-up & Jet Arc Spray Build-up

Weld Control Processes

  “U” Symbol 23,384 – Construction of Pressure Vessels to ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1
    “S” Symbol 33,733 – Construction of Power Boilers to ASME Code,
Section I
    “R” Symbol 2377 – Repair or alteration of the above equipment to the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors Code

Material Testing Capabilities

  (NDT) Non-destructive onsite & destructive testing offsite


  ASME “U”, “S”, “NB” and “R” Stamps
    Class certifications are available on all repairs and (re)manufacturing work. i.e. Lloyds, ABS, CSS, Coast Guard, Military.
    WorksafeBC Certified
    Affiliated with AWS standards
    Confined Space Entry Certified
    ISO compliant
ASME Certifications
Certificate - R Stamp
Certificate - U Stamp
Certificate - NB Stamp