Case Studies

Tristar is often called upon to tackle complex and difficult rebuild or fabrication projects, usually on a strict time line. The following studies are a sampling of some of those challenging projects which Tristar has successfully completed. Innovation, quality and providing reliable solutions to customer problems are a hallmark of Tristar’s business.

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case studies

Sump Pump Repair

62,000lb Sump Pump Failure – High vibration levels detected. Waste Treatment Facility.
( 228KB)

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pulp & paper

Flash Tank Fabrication

Aging Carbon Steel Flash Tanks – Heavy corrosion causing tank failure.

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oil & gas

Military Rescue Submarine System

A Vancouver, BC design, fabrication & maintenance company specializing in submarine rescue systems.
( 70KB)

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Diesel Pile Driver

Castrophic Piston Failure, 48,000lb Diesel Pile Driver.
Vancouver Convention Centre construction site.( 235KB)

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Turbine Driven Armature Repair

Turbine Driven Armature Repair – A Vancouver, BC Thermal Generating Station.
( 98KB)

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