Oil, Gas, & Mining

Tristar industries has over 35 years experience in the repair of equipment in the Oil & Gas/Petroleum, petrochemical industries, providing a wide range of services, including rebuilds & repairs, fabrication, balancing, blowers, pumps, and gearbox assemblies. Tristar’s diversified machining, fabrication and assembly services offer a Single Source Supply for small, medium and large component capabilities.

Tristar’s shop equipment and plant efficiencies provide customers a competitive, timely response & turnaround, a high quality product at a competitive price. High tolerances can be maintained to provide exceptional, quality manufacture or repairs, whether machining, fabricating or welding. N.D.T. is available, and inspection reports can be provided. In addition, all work is warranted to meet or exceed design standards. All work is completed to ensure long and trouble free performance in the field. Accuracy and quality workmanship are the keys and Tristar’s commitment to make components last longer than the original through engineering and metallurgy. Dynamic balancing is available.

Thousands of machine parts move in the world of mills, smelters and concentrators. Ball and rod mills, crushers, grinders and a great variety of pump parts are exposed to the daily wear caused by abrasive ore particles. Few other industries are subject to similar equipment depreciation. Tristar's unique service offers a remedy to the mining industry's replacement problems. Tristar already has a history of a great variety of machine part replacements. Many particular problems have been solved. Often a change of metallurgy has helped reduce extreme abrasion effects.

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Tristar's prompt service reduces downtime

Re-conditioning of magnet frames, hubs, rims and mechanical components for ore trucks up to 200 tons. Re-conditioning of lower rollers for shovels, track pads, reamer heads, ball mill babbit bearings, boom extensions.

Re-sizing of drive pinion shafts, crusher housings, concentrator pumps, pit dewatering pumps, propel transmissions, swing transmissions.