Tristar specialty, fans are repaired and manufactured for a wide range of applications and industries including mining, cement processing plants, petrochemical refineries, fans for pulp mill power boilers and lime kilns. Static and Dynamic balancing is available on our Schenck balancer.

Fans are an important part of any large industrial operation.

At Tristar, every fan is:

  • Cleaned and photographed
  • Analysed for material composition
  • Non-destructive tested (N.D.T.) and dimensionally inspected
  • Evaluated to establish scope of repair

Using the latest computer technology, Tristar can e-mail an inspection report complete with digital photos and repair recommendations to your facility giving you, the customer, all relevant information with options of repair including replacement.

Tristar's fans are manufactured using state of the art welding equipment. Materials range from standard carbon steel, stainless and duplex stainless steel to stellite and chromium carbide overlays. With our arc -spray- weld system, we can sprayweld repair and finish machine/grind bearing fit areas on fan shafts up to 14" in diameter in operating location.

At Tristar a dedicated project manager follows your equipment through the entire process with:

  • Detailed condition reports
  • Quality workmanship
  • On time and on budget delivery
  • Repeatable and Innovative results
  • 24 Hour Access to technical support

Tristar fan service can include on site vibration analysis, acoustic analysis, performance optimization and engineering services on the fan product line. Balancing can be both static or dynamic.

Our quality management systems have been certified by leading third party certification bodies as conforming fully with the highest international standards.

Schenck H80-UB Balancer Specs

  • Hard-bearing with permanent calibration
  • Weight on Twin Roller: 50 Tons
  • Weight on the bearings: 80 Tons
  • Max. RPM permissible on the Roller: 4000 RPM
  • Max. sensitivity per plane: 0.5 gram x inch at 1200 to 3000 RPM
  • Max. diameter over bed: 122"
  • Max. distance from coupling flange to farthest support: 476'