Shop Equipment

74,000sq. ft. facility in Delta, BC

3 heated bays, Rail, Road and Water Access Tristar operates a low impact environmental site with a controlled and monitored effluent system.

Lifting Capacity:

8 Overhead Cranes

  • Up to 70 tons of lifting capacity.
  • With 379” under the hook.


Small – Medium Lathes 5 ½" Ø to 18” Ø swing by 12’ long  
Large Lathes 47" to 168" Ø by 50’ long  
Vertical Boring Mill

48" to 218" Ø by 13’ under the Bridge

New: 62.5" x 30" & 2 with 4" spindles

Horizontal Boring Mill

5, 2 with 5” spindles & 3 with 4” spindles

New: 63" x 70.9" full rotary table & 33,000lbs capacity unit

Floor Mill 6" spindle with 40’ horiz. by 124” Vert. travel, c/w 25 ton rotary table  
Cylindrical Grinding 3 to 20” Ø by 120” long  
Roll Grinding 1 to 78” Ø by 295” long at a 30 ton capacity  
Surface Grinding 60” Ø by 36” under the head  
Balancing Up to 122” Ø by 480” long at an 80 ton capacity  

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Fabrication Materials

Austenitic 300 Series Stainless
6 – 7% Moly Stainless
2205, 2304 Duplex Stainless Steel

Welding Process

Gas Metal Arc
Submerged Arc
Gas Tungsten Arc
Plasma Transferred Arc
Ultra-jet Micro-Flow, Flame Spray Build-up & Jet Arc Spray Build-up

Weld Control Processes

“U” Symbol 23,384 – Construction of Pressure Vessels to ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1
“S” Symbol 33,733 – Construction of Power Boilers to ASME Code, Section I
“R” Symbol 2377 – Repair or alteration of the above equipment to the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors Code.

Material Testing Capabilities

(NDT) Non-destructive on-site & destructive testing offsite.


ASME “U”, “S” and “R” Stamps, Worksafe BC Certified

Affiliated with AWS standards, Confined space entry Certified

New Equipment

Two new CNC machines on line.

New: 63" x 70.9" full rotary table & 33,000lbs capacity unit

New: 62.5" x 30" & 2 with 4" spindles


Mori Sieki CNC LL7A-3500 Lathe


Skoda Horizontal Floor Mill

Schenck CNC Hard Bearing Balancing Machine, Dynamic & Static.

OKK - CNC Vertical Machining Centre

Toshiba CNC RI6 Horizontal Boring Mill